Doctor Who news: The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4 is out now!

The fourth and final volume of the Paternoster Gang’s very own Doctor Who audio spin-off is out now – where they spend Christmas with the legendary Henry Gordon Jago!

This is a box set that I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. To be honest, while I was apprehensive about listening to The Paternoster Gang, it was details of the fourth volume that convinced me to check the series out. Not that I didn’t think an audio spin-off focused on the Gang could work. Just that I needed some more time dealing with the loss of Jago & Litefoot before I checked out a series focused on Doctor Who‘s other Victorian investigators.

So it’s rather ironic that it’s today’s volume that finally convinced me to start listening. Last year – before the third volume had even been released – it was announced that Christopher Benjamin would star as Henry Gordon Jago once more.

While Trevor Baxter will always be missed as Professor Litefoot, the idea of Jago meeting the Gang was too tempting to miss. Especially since the audio special Jago & Litefoot & Strax worked so well. So it’s a delight that we’ll get to hear from the theater impresario once more – celebrating Christmas with the Gang while dressed as Santa in the opening episode Merry Christmas, Mr Jago by Paul Morris. What better way to open this box set?

Doctor Who

The story that began last year in Heritage 1 finally comes to an end in today’s release.
Image Courtesy Big Finish Productions

Ending Heritage

But The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4 isn’t just about an exciting crossover between the worlds of Doctor Who. It’s also the final volume of the Gang’s first series. As such, the box set aims to resolve all major threads from the previous three volumes – particularly with its two final episodes…

Writer and script editor Roy Gill gives us clues on what to expect from his episode The Ghost Writers as well as Matt Fitton’s story Rulers of Earth.

Matt Fitton and I worked quite closely on the concluding elements that cross between the last two stories. Hopefully between us we’ve come up with something that will give the series a big exciting finale – and remind us all what the Gang stand for. The episodes may be set over a hundred years in the past, but these are pacy, contemporary stories.

We’re already excited to listen to all three episodes already. And you can listen to the box set right now on CD or download directly from Big Finish’s website. Or, if you still need to listen to the series from the start, you can also purchase all four volumes of Heritage in a bundle right now!

Have you checked out previous volumes of The Paternoster Gang? What are your thoughts on the series? Should the trio have been given their own TV spin-off? Let us know in the comments below.