Doctor Who: 20 greatest horror stories of the Classic Series

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Doctor Who

Since the very beginning of the series, Doctor Who has been a show that has featured a lot of horror and monsters. We list twenty of the best examples…
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Looking for a scary story to watch from Doctor Who’s original run? No matter what your horror preference is, we’ve got some fantastic stories to recommend!

Horror has long been a core part of Doctor Who. Since almost it’s very beginning, it’s essentially been about monsters at least as much as adventures through time and space. In fact, the show’s most famous monsters of all – the Daleks – appeared in just the second-ever serial!

Of course, some stories have dipped more into the horror genre than others. In fact, there have been many Doctor Who stories that have been a firm part of it – one that many fans of the genre would enjoy.

But which are the best ones for horror fans? Which stories are great at scaring the audience? Which ones are more horror-based purely in terms of style? Which ones take a more psychological approach? And which stories are absolutely essential to watch?

That’s what we want to answer. For this list, we give you twenty stories from Doctor Who‘s original run that truly stand out in terms of horror. Stories that are frightening, shocking, fun, and just fantastic to watch. So no matter what your horror needs are, you’ll find something that’s perfect to watch for the Halloween season, or for any time of the year. Starting with…

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