Doctor Who news: Bernice Summerfield visits Gallifrey in her latest series

Bernice Summerfield visits the Doctor’s home world in a brand new Doctor Who box set, starring Lisa Bowerman as Bernice and David Warner as the Doctor!

Last week, Big Finish made the big announcement that the first four series of Bernice Summerfield were finally available on download. Considering that it’s Big Finish’s oldest audio series – even older than the monthly Doctor Who audio range that began back in 1999 – this was very exciting to see.

But it’s not just old stories of the adventuring archaeologist that fans can enjoy. A brand new box set of adventures starring Lisa Bowerman as Bernice and David Warner as the Doctor has been released – and this time, they’re heading to Gallifrey!

To recap on Doctor Who: The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: a few series ago, Bernice met an incarnation of the Doctor from another universe. He had initially tried to escape from his own, but in the process, only ended up bringing Bernice with him to it and getting her stuck there for a while. Eventually, they both escaped back to her home universe and had plenty of adventures. But with a Doctor traveling the universe who shouldn’t even exist in it, how long before the Time Lords catch up to him?

Doctor Who

(L to R) Sian Phillips, Seán Carlsen, David Warner Lisa Bowerman, Lawry Lewin star in Doctor Who: The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 6. Image courtesy Big Finish Productions

Lost in Translation

The latest box set, Lost in Translation, features four brand new stories for Benny and the Doctor – all centered around one particular theme, as writer and producer James Goss reveals.

The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 6 is a series of four stories all about communication, or failures to communicate. If that sounds boring and worthy, it’s really not – it’s a huge amount of fun leading up to a massive amount of drama!

On top of that, we can also look forward to quite an exciting finale – one where nothing is as it should be.

The finale is set on Gallifrey. And it’s a proper little epic. Something’s very wrong on the Doctor’s home planet and only two outsiders can work out what it is.

This is certainly a box set that we’re already eager to listen to, so expect our reviews for each episode shortly. In the meantime, you can purchase the box set on CD or download directly from Big Finish’s website.

Are you a fan of Bernice Summerfield? Are you excited about her and David Warner’s Doctor visiting Gallifrey? Let us know in the comments below.