Doctor Who: How to in-doc-trin-ate your children into the show

Doctor Who fan sites are often overrun with parents looking for ideas on how to introduce their children to the joys of the Doctor. Let us EX-PLAIN, EX-PLAIN, EX-PLAIN the best techniques to cultivate your little Whovians’ interests in the show.

Before I begin, I should add a minor caveat that some part of me struggles to understand the validity of this question. Realistically, unless you keep your children locked away in a nursery, they must have some familiarity with Doctor Who already.

In my house, it’d have been pretty hard for my daughter NOT to have been very well acquainted with the Doctor from a very early age, especially in times of weeklong marathons, cons, cosplays, Tardis cookie jars, etc. Frankly, we even had a goldfish whose tank was next to the television, who we were all sure fancied itself a companion.

However, the question does continue to arise and therefore it merits some thoughtful consideration and response. As a result, I’ve come up with several suggestions and approaches that could help to grab your child’s interest in the show.

Doctor Who

No greater villain than the Doctor’s arch-nemesis: the Master. 
Photo Credit: Ben Blackall/BBC Studios/BBC America

What to consider

Firstly, no matter which of the following approaches you attempt, do take your child’s interests to heart and take your cue from them. Their attention spans and individual personalities are going to play a part into which stories become their favorites.

Finally, no matter what episodes you choose to begin with, incorporate your own personal touch. Ask yourself, what have been your own favorite episodes? Who are your favorite Doctors and companions? What terrified you as a child? Which villains had you hiding behind/underneath furniture?

Engage in active viewing, discussions, and debate. Find activities and crafts that allow you to re-imagine a villain, create a Dalek from household items, or better yet, sculpt them out of chocolate icing! Act out the most dramatic scenes with your child, and take turns alternating between being the villain and being the Doctor. Most importantly, remember that the entire point of bringing your children into the fold of this fandom is to enjoy the Doctor and our community, together.

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Which episodes of Doctor Who helped define your childhood? What recommendations do you have for Whovian parents? Comment below!

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