Doctor Who news: Season 14 is released today on Blu-Ray in North America

Three months after its release in the UK, one of Doctor Who’s greatest seasons is now available on Blu-ray in the US and Canada!

This is news that a lot of North American Whovians have been waiting for, especially if Tom Baker is their favorite Doctor. Season 14 of Doctor Whooriginally released on Blu-Ray in the UK back in May – is finally available in both the USA and Canada.

This is definitely one of the strongest seasons from the original series. Several of the serials featured are absolute classics, and the rest are, at the very least, greatly enjoyable. Personally speaking, I can’t think of a single weak story from this season.

The season also features a lot of major moments. The Masque of Mandragora introduces us to the “secondary control room” – one of the most distinctive and original takes on the console room ever depicted in the Classic Series. We then say goodbye to Sarah Jane Smith in The Hand of Fear, before traveling to Gallifrey for an exciting confrontation with the Master in The Deadly Assassin.

The Doctor then gains a new companion in The Face of Evil when he meets Leela for the first time. And while we’ve never seen a Voc Robot on-screen since The Robots of Death, there’s no question that they’re an iconic monster. Finally, we reach The Talons of Weng-Chiang – a story that, despite the controversy it’s gained since its broadcast, still remains popular with fans to this day.

Special features

As with previous Blu-ray releases, Season 14 naturally boasts a huge number of brand new special features. Along with audio commentaries and new installments of Behind the Sofa – where former cast and crew react to each of the stories contained in the season – there are several features that stand out.

In Conversation features Matthew Sweet talking to Philip Hinchcliffe, arguably one of the series’s most successful producers. Whose Doctor Who Revisited sees Toby Hadoke meeting many people who had been involved in the making of the 1977 documentary, Whose Doctor Who.

But what looks set to be the real highlight of this box set is Our Sarah Jane – a special feature-length tribute to Elisabeth Sladen, who played the iconic companion Sarah Jane Smith. This will likely be an emotional watch for many fans.

Season 14 – or, to give the release’s North American title, Doctor Who: Tom Baker – Complete Season 3 – is available now in both the US and Canada.

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Are you a fan of Season 14? Do you consider it an essential purchase on Blu-ray? What’s your favorite story from this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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