Doctor Who news: New comics focused on Doctor Who characters revealed

Several Doctor Who spin-offs have been announced by independent comic imprint Cutaway Comics, exploring characters and storylines from the Classic Series!

Fans of either Doctor Who comics or spin-offs may be interested in this particular bit of news. Independent comic imprint Cutaway Comics is releasing several new series based on stories and characters in the Doctor Who universe. Fans of the Classic Series will be especially excited by the various series that will focus on characters such as Lytton and Omega, or feature familiar places such as Paradise Towers.

What inspired these brand new comics featuring such familiar parts of the Doctor Who universe? Publisher Gareth Kavanagh reveals some of the key inspiration for it.

I was always fascinated by strips in the back of ​Doctor Who Weekly that didn’t feature the Doctor. Instead, the monsters took centre stage – and the stories were terrifying. Those strips launched the careers of Alan (​Watchmen) Moore and David (​V For Vendetta) Lloyd amongst others, and this is our homage to those unpredictable and wild stories with the next generation of talent.

This certainly looks set to be an exciting new way of exploring some much-loved characters and stories on a deeper level. As a Classic Whovian, I’m eager to check out each of these, but one series that really stands out is Lytton.


The comic series Lytton, written by Eric Saward and featuring art from Barry Renshaw, focuses on the titular character originally seen in TV stories Resurrection of the Daleks and Attack of the Cybermen. The character has stood out as one of the more morally interesting and cooler characters of the Doctor Who universe, so it’s great that he’s being explored on a deeper level.

Even better is who’s writing the series – Eric Saward, creator of the character and former Doctor Who script editor. Saward explains what it’s like writing the character for a new medium.

It has been an adventure pushing one of my own characters into this visual medium. I’ve very much enjoyed seeing my characters take on a life of their own after all this time!

Other stories that we can look forward to include Omega: Vengeance, which features the iconic Doctor Who villain trying to escape from his black hole prison, and Paradise Towers, which features a return to the location originally seen in the Seventh Doctor story of the same name.

You can order the first issue of Lytton directly from Cutaway Comics’s website. Along with the comic itself, fans will also get an exclusive DVD that features new video and audio commentaries as well as interviews, deleted pages, and concept art.

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Are you excited about these new comic stories exploring some of the classic characters and stories from the Classic Series on a deeper level? Which series are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.