Doctor Who news: New charity anthology Regenerations out on Aug 3

The War Doctor has to save his previous selves in the upcoming Doctor Who charity anthology Regenerations, out on Aug 3!

Ever since The Day of the Doctor, the Time War has provided huge storytelling opportunities for the Doctor Who fandom. Big Finish has explored it in many audios with both the Eighth and War Doctors. BBC Books published the novel Engines of War, which took place just before the War Doctor’s main TV appearance.

Regarding purely unofficial publications, there have been some rather notable books published for charity. These include Seasons of War, a collection of short stories featuring the War Doctor, and Seasons of War: Gallifrey, which focused on the Doctor’s homeworld during the Time War.

On Aug 3, a brand new anthology of stories will be published by Chinbeard Books. In some ways, this is a Time War anthology like Seasons of War. But at the same time, it looks set to be extremely different. Because while the War Doctor is involved in this story, so are his eight earlier selves…


The Time Lord formerly known as the Doctor has been fighting the Time War for as long as he can recall. His previous lives — all those triumphs and tragedies — have been boxed up and filed away, too painful to revisit.

That is until something — or someone — begins tugging at the thread of the Doctor’s past. As familiar stories twist and shift, threatening the stability of the universe itself, the reluctant Warrior finds himself with only one option.

He has to save the Doctor.

Exploring different alternatives to Doctor Who stories we know is certainly a fresh way of exploring the Time War. After all, when a war is fought across history itself, it makes sense that even the Doctor’s history is at risk of being affected. So it’ll be intriguing to read stories of earlier Doctors somehow finding themselves caught up in the Time War centuries before they should be.

It’s also neat to have an anthology with a clear “hook”. Having all these stories linked by the War Doctor trying to find out what or who is changing history should provide just the right hint of an arc, while also allowing plenty of freedom for the writers to tell their own Doctor Who stories.

Expect us to review this book next month. In the meantime, you can pre-order it right now from Chinbeard Books’s website for £10.99. Money for the book is being raised for Invest in ME. Make sure to pre-order quickly, as printing for this book is limited.

The writers for Regenerations are Simon A Brett, Dan Barratt, Barnaby Eaton-Jones, Christine Grit, Kenton Hall, Steven Horry, Andrew Lawston, Nick Mellish, Lee Rawlings, and Alan Ronald. The anthology has been edited by Kenton Hall.

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Will you be checking out Regenerations? Does the idea of the Doctor’s history being changed sound intriguing? Have you checked out other charity anthologies? Let us know in the comments below.

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