Doctor Who interview: Chris McKeon, writer of The Final Game and Time’s Champion

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Doctor Who

Featuring the Third Doctor, the Daleks and the Master, The Final Game is an ambitious tribute to Jon Pertwee and Roger Delgado. We speak with its writer, Chris McKeon.
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We chat with writer Chris McKeon on writing the audio adaptation of Doctor Who: The Final Game, recasting two iconic roles, and what we can expect in the future.

For many fans of Doctor Who, particularly the Classic Series, The Final Game is a bit legendary when it comes to unmade stories. Originally planned for Jon Pertwee’s era as the Third Doctor, the story was meant to be the final story for Roger Delgado’s Master.

When the Master was introduced in Pertwee’s second season, he quickly proved to be considerably popular. A key reason for this was because of Delgado himself. The first actor to ever play the Doctor’s archenemy, he gave the role a great deal of charm, style, and sophistication. But he never shied away from the more terrifying or menacing aspects of the character.

After appearing in many stories in the Third Doctor’s era, the production team had planned to give the Master a huge sendoff in The Final Game. Sadly, Delgado died in a sudden and tragic accident in 1973, so as a result, the story was never made.

Until now.

Since August last year, Black Glove Studio and Studio Severn have been releasing installments of Doctor Who: The Final Game. For fans of the Third Doctor’s era, the audio adaptation has been an extremely enjoyable one to listen to, acting as a huge tribute to both Jon Pertwee and Roger Delgado.

The project has been entirely written by Chris McKeon. We were lucky enough to arrange an interview with him, and discussed not just the making of this ambitious project, but also his own take on the Sixth Doctor’s regeneration in the novel Time’s Champion, and what we can expect next.

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