Doctor Who news: Fans plan to rewatch Rose for its 15th anniversary

On the fifteenth anniversary of the New Series, Doctor Who fans can enjoy debut episode Rose in a whole new way, while also discovering something brand new, courtesy of former showrunner Russell T Davies!

March 26th, 2005 is an extremely special day for Doctor Who fans. Particularly for fans of the New Series. After all, it was the day that Doctor Who truly came back, for the first time in almost nine years.

As we approach the 15th anniversary of the broadcast of Rose, fans are looking for ways to celebrate. Which is a little difficult, given these times of self-isolation. But thankfully, following the massive success of The Day of the Doctor, that’s where the next huge rewatch comes in.

In case you missed it, on Saturday Mar 21, a large number of fans online took part in a huge rewatch of the 50th-anniversary special. Suggested by Emily Cook from Doctor Who Magazine, the rewatch was a great way of bringing the fans together and get them discussing Doctor Who again, weeks after Series 12 finished.

To say that it was a success is an understatement. Not only did Steven Moffat himself take part via Twitter, but he even gave us a brand new little sketch to watch before the episode! Featuring Dan Starkey (or at least, a puppet version of him) and Neve McIntosh (well, a plant version of her, anyway) as Madame Vastra, it was a nice little nod to a similar sketch Moffat had written for the special back in 2013. Overall, many fans joined in, and it proved to be a lot of fun.

Trip of a lifetime

So it’s unsurprising that, while this long period of self-isolation continues, Emily Cook from Doctor Who Magazine suggested another grand rewatch for fans to take part in: Rose, currently scheduled for 7pm UK time on Thursday, Mar 26.

Using the hashtag #TripofaLifetime, fans can take part in the great discussion for the episode on Twitter. This should be a particularly exciting rewatch, especially since Russell T Davies himself will be joining in. More than that: on the day of the rewatch, we’ll be getting Rose: The Prequel. Described by Russell T Davies as “a lost piece of history” from 2013, it’ll be uploaded to the official Doctor Who website ahead of the rewatch.

So whether it’s to discover something brand new, take part in a huge fan discussion, or just have an excuse to relive a key moment in Doctor Who history, it looks like tomorrow will be a good day for Whovians.

To watch the episode, if you live in the UK, you can stream it on BBC iPlayer. Outside of the UK, it’s available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play, and it’s available to stream on Crave in Canada.

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Are you excited to re-watch Rose with thousands of other fans? Or are you more curious about the previously unreleased prequel? Let us know in the comments below.