Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles is out now!

Four brand new, limited cast stories are released today, all focusing on the era of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles.

It’s been a busy week for both Big Finish and Doctor Who fans! First, we had the release of Seventh Doctor story The Psychic Circus on Tuesday, which acted as both a prequel and sequel to The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. Then we got a double bill of Fourth Doctor stories with the release of The Fourth Doctor Adventures: Series 9 – Volume 2. (Expect our reviews for each of these soon.)

Today gives us another Doctor Who audio, although it’s something a little different. Unlike this week’s full-cast releases, The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles is a box set of four stories, with just two cast members on each one. Sadly, Peter Capaldi isn’t one of them, so fans won’t get to hear him on audio just yet.

Instead, impressionist Jacob Dudman has been cast as both the narrator and the Twelfth Doctor. He’s voiced the Twelfth Doctor in a couple of Short Trips already, and while it’s clearly a young man putting on a much older voice, he does capture the mannerisms of Capaldi’s Doctor well.

Doctor Who

Both Ingrid Oliver and Samuel Anderon feature as Osgood and Danny Pink.
Image Courtesy Big Finish Productions

Familiar voices

As well as Dudman featuring in all four stories, a couple of familiar voices will be joining him. Samuel Anderson returns as Danny Pink in War Wounds by Mark Wright, while Osgood takes a trip on the TARDIS in Field Trip by Una McCormack, which features Ingrid Oliver. Other stories included in this box set are Charge of the Night Brigade by David Llewellyn and Distant Voices by Lizbeth Myles.

Jacob Dudman comments on what it’s like to voice a character as distinctive as the Twelfth Doctor.

There are parts of the Twelfth Doctor’s voice that are an enigma to me, so at first I was only brave enough to try and capture the essence of him. The years weigh on the voice: you can’t capture the experience he’s had in his life, not having been in a rock and roll band 40 years ago. He’s such an interesting character to play.

But while he’s aware that he can’t capture Capaldi’s voice entirely, that hasn’t stopped him from working on it heavily.

I spent some time in Glasgow last year, and I think that’s helped me to find the voice. When I think of a generic Scottish accent, I tend to think of an Edinburgh one, which I’d say generally is more posh, more similar to an English accent.

Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles is now available on CD and download directly from Big Finish’s website.

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Have you listened to previous volumes of The Doctor Chronicles? Are you hoping that Peter Capaldi will join Big Finish one day? Let us know in the comments below.