Doctor Who: Captain Jack Harkness and River Song finally meet in March!

It’s taken a long time, but two of the most popular Doctor Who characters of the 21st century will join forces next month, as Captain Jack Harkness and Professor River Song meet for the first time!

It had to happen at some point. Captain Jack Harkness and River Song. Two iconic characters in the Doctor Who universe. Each representing a very different era of the series – the former primarily of the Russell T Davies era, the latter mainly the Steven Moffat era – but both being very similar and equally popular. Sadly, we’ve never found out what would happen if the two actually met. But that’s about to change.

Next month, Big Finish Productions will release the third volume of their own spin-off series The Lives of Captain Jack. Revealing more of Captain Jack’s life away from both the Doctor and even Torchwood, the series has given us many glimpses of Jack’s long history. (In fact, we’ve only just recently finished reviewing the second volume of the series from last year.)

In the past two volumes, we’ve heard Jack meet Jackie Tyler, the Sixth Doctor and newsreader Trinity Wells. At one point, he even met an older/younger version of himself! But this time, he just might have met his match in the form of the Doctor’s wife…

Doctor Who

The cover of the exciting new volume of The Lives of Captain Jack!
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A long overdue meeting

Unsurprisingly, John Barrowman is extremely excited about this.

Alex Kingston and I have talked about this for years. We knew that the fanbase always wanted River and Jack to meet, or to cross timelines, and we just never knew when it would happen. Alex and I were always game for it and, thanks to Big Finish, this is where it’s happening.

Naturally, Alex Kingston is equally keen for these two to meet.

John Barrowman and I get on so well, and whenever we’ve met at conventions, it’s the one request that the fans have come up with more than any other. We have a lot of fun together so it’s something we’ve both been pushing independently for. I was so thrilled to find out that our dream has come true.

I’m not surprised that this is finally happening with Big Finish. River Song’s story seemed to be pretty wrapped up on television, thanks to the 2015 Christmas special The Husbands of River Song. So it makes sense for her long overdue meeting with Jack to happen with Big Finish, where the character’s life has been fleshed out considerably.

What to expect

But it’s not just River that Jack is meeting in this box set. Here are the descriptions for all three episodes.

Crush by Guy Adams
Captain Jack takes Mrs Tyler on a luxury cruise in space.

Mighty & Despair by Tim Foley
On a distant planet in the far future, two travellers have come looking for a mythical hero.

R&J by James Goss
From ancient battles to eternal wars
A pair of time-cross’d lovers take the stars

That’s right: along with the Doctor’s wife, Jack is reunited with Rose’s mother. The pair were fantastic to listen to in earlier story Wednesdays for Beginners, and I’m sure the same will be true of their second meeting. In fact, this looks set to be another exciting box set overall, and I’m definitely glad that we only have a month to wait for it!

The Lives of Captain Jack: Volume Three is available now to pre-order on CD or download from Big Finish’s website.

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Are you excited that Jack and River are finally meeting? Did you hope something like this would’ve happened in the TV series? Let us know in the comments below.

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