FanSided 250: Where are Doctor Who fans ranked?

The FanSided 250 has been released! Out of such a wide variety of fandoms, where does Doctor Who rank on the list?

Once again, the FanSided 250 has arrived! For those of you unfamiliar with this annual tradition, FanSided (of which Doctor Who Watch is just a tiny part of) enjoys ranking over 250 fandoms. Not just those supporting films and television series, but it also includes many sports fandoms, too!

250 wildly different fandoms ranked, ranging from sports, gaming, celebrities and of course, TV. In such a huge list, where does the Doctor Who fandom rank? Especially in a year that’s only featured one episode of the series on television?

As it turns out, respectively high. While it’s not in the top ten overall – ranked at No. 74 this year – in terms of TV fandoms, it’s done rather well. As I mentioned, we haven’t even had a full series this year, but that hasn’t stopped Doctor Who from reaching No. 7 in the TV category!

A respectable ranking

Why has the Doctor Who fandom scored as highly as it has this year? Well, even without a TV series on, there’s still been a lot of interest generated around the series. With Series 12 in production for most of the year, Doctor Who has done pretty well for itself in terms of hype.

This has been especially true in the past couple of months. Very recently, we’ve been finding out so much more about the new series and what to look forward to, with interviews, new images and brand new trailers giving us extremely exciting glimpses of what’s to come! The hype for Series 12 is incredibly high right now!

Doctor Who

Very soon, Doctor Who fans will finally get to see the brand new series! But Doctor Who is also about more than the TV show. Much, much more…
(Photo Credit: Ben Blackall/BBCAmerica/BBCStudios)

Expanded universe

But it’s not just the TV series that fans enjoy about Doctor Who. The series has quite an extensive expanded universe, and whether it’s books, comics or audios that fans enjoy most, there’s always plenty more stories for them to enjoy, regardless.

But it has to be said, this year has been a particularly exciting one for Big Finish Productions, the maker of countless Doctor Who audio stories and spin-offs. Celebrating twenty years since the release of their first Doctor Who story, The Sirens of Time, we’ve seen some pretty exciting releases, including multi-Master box set Ravenous 4 and multi-Doctor story Daughter of the Gods.

But the most exciting release we’ve had this year has to be The Legacy of Time. At six hours long and featuring six Doctors and countless major characters, it’s an incredibly ambitious and epic box set. It’s also a rich and solid reminder of how Big Finish began in the first place: brand new stories made by fans for the fans. The fandom of Doctor Who has always been both a respectful and creative one overall, and because of that, it’ll always be one of the best ones, regardless of whether the series is on television or not.

Next: Series 12: Live cinema event to be screened in US theaters in January!

Do you agree with the ranking in the FanSided 250? Do you think the Doctor Who fandom should be ranked higher? Let us know in the comments below.

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