Torchwood review: Series Six ends on a high with God Among Us 3

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The story that began eight months ago comes to an end in God Among Us 3. Is this a strong end to the sixth series of Torchwood?
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Image obtained from: Big Finish Productions.)

The final four episodes have been released in the official sixth series of Torchwood. What makes the third volume of God Among Us the strongest?

Eight months after the release of the first volume, and we’re already reaching the end of Torchwood‘s sixth series God Among Us. It’s been quite an interesting ride for the team, and for the audience. A lot has been building to this box set, and I mean a lot.

To recap: God Among Us 1 kicked off where the previous series Aliens Among Us had left off. The Sorvix – the alien race that had taken over Cardiff in the last series – had fled the planet after the arrival of their god. Initially, it looked like this “god” would be the new major threat that Torchwood had to face – a powerful alien monster. But instead, with Torchwood being Torchwood, God was actually a rather sweet Scottish lady who genuinely wants to do good.

It was only in the second volume that the real threat emerged: the Committee. This was a major step for the audio continuation, as the Committee had been previously established in the monthly audios that take place all over Torchwood‘s timeline. They’ve been an old enemy of Torchwood’s for a long time, and in God Among Us 2, they unleashed their most devastating plan yet.

Initially, it looked like Torchwood had saved the world. But a consequence of them saving the day was inadvertently creating a tsunami that hit Cardiff.

Naturally, this is where God Among Us 3 picks up. Cardiff is devastated, there are a huge number of people missing or dead, and Torchwood has a new problem: a relief organisation that calls itself the DRC – the Disaster Recovery Committee…

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