Doctor Who YouTube Watch: This cliffhanger edit for Trial of a Time Lord has to be seen to be believed

With the entire Doctor Who story coming out on Blu-ray soon, check out this YouTube edit of most of the cliffhangers from The Trial of a Time Lord, and be amazed…

If you’ve never seen The Trial of a Time Lord, (soon to be released on Blu-ray in September), then you may not know about the quality of the cliffhangers. Now, the greatest Doctor Who cliffhangers are fantastic, leave the viewers on the edge of their seat and hold up brilliantly decades later.

Now, with one or two exceptions, (part nine is especially effective,) The Trial of a Time Lord doesn’t have those for the majority of the story. Which is understandable – you can’t have brilliant cliffhangers all the time, after all. And some of the cliffhangers – or at least, the buildup to them – are really effective. But the problem is how they’re handled. Particularly with the final shot. As this brilliant edit on YouTube shows.

The channel DoctorWhoClips is a reliable alternative source for looking for clips of Classic Who. There are some genuine highlights to look up on the channel that are essential to watch. However, they’ve also done something rather brilliant that will brighten up your day.

As you’ve probably guessed, they’ve done an edit of many of the cliffhangers from The Trial of a Time Lord. But not all the cliffhangers. Just the ones that share something in common. You can see what in the edit below.

The Face of Zoom!

Now, as you’ve seen, every single one of those endings was a closeup of Colin Baker’s face, if not a full-on face zoom. Now, I have absolutely no problem with Colin Baker’s face whatsoever. But even I don’t think you should use it as a DRAMATIC SHOT! ending every time.

You know what the best part about this compilation is? Somehow, this compilation gives away almost no spoilers! Seriously, the only thing to take away from most of these endings is the look on the Sixth Doctor’s face! Maybe the very last one is an exception, but even that would only make sense when watching episode thirteen…except it wouldn’t, because the ending never made any sense at all in the first place.

Some of the biggest shocks of the story are hidden by the Sixth Doctor’s look of outrage/fear/despair etc. Episode eight has one of the biggest shocks in Doctor Who history, but you wouldn’t guess it from this edit.

I’m not complaining that this exists. I’m actually rather grateful. Because this is one of those perfect edits where, if you ever have a bad day, if you’ve received some shocking news and don’t know how to react, or you just want an easy laugh, this is the perfect video to watch.

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Are you surprised at how many cliffhangers ended on Colin Baker’s face in The Trial of a Time Lord? Are you looking forward to watching them all on Blu-ray in September? What’s your favorite Trial cliffhanger? Let us know in the comments below.

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