Doctor Who: The End of Time to be released in US theaters in August

Prepare to watch the Tenth Doctor’s adventure in a brand new way, as Fathom Events brings the classic Doctor Who story The End of Time to US theaters in August!

Tenth Doctor fans, you’re going to want to know about this. On August 7th, Fathom Events will be screening David Tennant’s final Doctor Who story The End of Time across the US. Along with the memorable two-part story itself, the screening will also feature a brand new interview with Tennant.

The big screen release is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Tennant’s final year in the role. While The End of Time wasn’t broadcast until Christmas Day 2009 and New Year’s Day 2010, 2009 was still a key year for Doctor Who fans. Even when there wasn’t much of it on television, each episode made it clear that the Tenth Doctor was facing his end.

And of course, The End of Time was the key story from that year. The regeneration of a much-loved Doctor was a major event, both for the fandom and for British television in general. So it’s rather fitting that it’s getting the big screen treatment.

A fitting choice

The US at least has seen a lot of big-screen Doctor Who events, both Classic Series and New, thanks to Fathom Events. Over the past few years, we’ve had screenings of The Power of the DaleksLogopolis and Twice Upon a Time, to name a few.

Their latest choice is a fitting one. While it’s not this writer’s personal favorite regeneration storyThe End of Time is loved by many fans of David Tennant’s iconic Doctor. It’s also a story that feels like an event.

As well as the Tenth Doctor’s final battle, we also have the return of John Simm’s Master with one of his most insane schemes ever (and that’s saying something) and the return of the Time Lords! Complete with the revelation of how the Time War ended, (well, a partial revelation, at least,) and you’ve got a Doctor Who story that suits the big screen rather well.

If you want to see this epic story on the big screen in the US, you can purchase tickets for the event from Fathom Events’s website here.

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Are you keen to see the Tenth Doctor’s final adventure on the big screen? Have you seen any Doctor Who stories at the cinema before? Let us know in the comments below.