Torchwood: Series 6 finale God Among Us 3 out now!

The last volume of Torchwood’s sixth series have just been released on CD and download from Big Finish! But what can we expect from the final four episodes?

At the end of the previous volume of Torchwood: God Among Us, the sixth series of the popular Doctor Who spin-off, Cardiff was hit by a major disaster. The latest box set, God Among Us 3, picks up where that left off. Cardiff is recovering from it, but is there much worse to come?

God Among Us so far has been considerably intriguing. In some ways, it’s been very different to the previous series Aliens Among Us. Whereas the titular aliens of that series, the Sorvix, were nasty and ruthless, “god” appears to be the opposite. She’s someone who genuinely wants to look after the city of Cardiff, at the very least. Or at least, she appears to.

But after she was used by an old enemy of Torchwood’s in the last volume, what will she do next? And how will her role in this series end?

The episodes

The third volume begins with A Mother’s Son by Alexandria Riley. The writer’s credit has already made me curious about this one, as Riley has played the character Ng since the beginning of the last series. The episode looks set to reveal just how badly Cardiff has suffered after the last volume, as well as focusing on a mother looking for her son.

For the second episode, we have a new writer for the series with Robin Bell. ScrapeJane appears to be the story of a made up monster that has somehow come to life. Which is exactly the kind of story you’d expect from something like Torchwood, so I’m keen to listen to this one.

The ever reliable Tim Foley writes the third episode Day Zero, and focuses on a rather horrifying idea – what happens when an entire city completely runs out of drinking water? That’s certainly a more uncomfortable idea to explore, due to being just a little more grounded in reality than usual.

But Torchwood has never exactly shied away from reality – Tim Foley’s first episode explored police brutality in The Empty Hand, while the previous volume of God Among Us gave us a rather uncomfortable look at homelessness in Hostile Environment by Ash Darby. So the idea for Day Zero certainly seems to fit Torchwood‘s more grounded side.

Producer James Goss rounds off the series with Thoughts and Prayers. The finale for Aliens Among UsHerald of the Dawn, was surprisingly open-ended. Does the same prove true for this finale? Will the story of God and her role in this series be resolved?

You can find out right now, as Torchwood: God Among Us 3 is available on CD and download directly from Big Finish’s website.

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Have you been following Torchwood: God Among Us? What do you think of the series so far? Are you excited to listen to the final volume of the series? Let us know in the comments below.