Doctor Who: How New Series opening episode Rose made me a fan

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For many of us, the episode Rose was our entry into the world of Doctor Who. Here’s how it made me a fan of the show for life.

Pinning down a single episode of Doctor Who that made me fall in love with the show is a hard task for me. Looking back, it was more of a journey of discovery via a collection of different stories. Each one building on what came before to truly give me a sense of attachment and passion towards the show. But, I shall start … with the start. With other stories getting their own separate pieces in the future.

Let us go back to March 2005 when Doctor Who triumphantly re-launched into millions of hearts across the UK. Before the premier, the marketing and word of mouth had reached fever pitch. You could hardly go a day without seeing magazines ramping up anticipation or giant billboards down the street making sure you didn’t forget.

My parents were hyping up the show’s comeback too, with the word of mouth amongst the adult population bubbling. Doctor Who has a very important place in British pop culture, and even as a child I could tell that this wasn’t an ordinary TV show.

All of this had me curious and laid down the groundwork for my enjoyment of Series 1’s debut episode – Rose.

To put it incredibly concisely: I had seen absolutely nothing like it and was blown away.

One of the immediate reasons was the fear factor effect. I touch on how it unsettled me in ways I had never previously experienced in my article ‘Doctor Who and my ‘behind the sofa’ moment: Autons in Rose’:

The subversion of the mundane is what really struck a chord with me and sent shivers through my soul. After all, it was feasibly possible that, I too, could be trapped in a department store. The relatability, at age nine, felt all too real.

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