Doctor Who review: Kerblam! captures the Doctor Who formula very well

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Kerblam! was quite a successful episode of Doctor Who this week. But why?
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Kerblam! seemed to be quite the successful Doctor Who episode, based on what our writers think. Was it one of the stronger stories this series?

Kerblam! was quite the enjoyable slice of Doctor Who, wasn’t it? It may not have been one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever, but it was certainly enjoyable.

It was also rather refreshing compared to other stories this series. We’ve had a nice mix of stories. We’ve had an introduction story for the TARDIS team; a classic space race scenario; a couple of historicals, and even an episode with giant spiders. So there’s been a mix of distinctive Doctor Who there.

And yet, a story about a giant warehouse for an online shopping service felt closer to Doctor Who than arguably any other episode this series. But why?

Was it the nice little references to previous adventures? The episode began with the Doctor getting a brand new fez, a clear nod to her Eleventh self. There was also a nice reference to The Unicorn and the Wasp, and the Doctor even used Venusian Aikido, just as her third self used to.

Or perhaps it was having a larger focus on monsters this story. While we had giant spiders in Arachnids in the UK, they somehow didn’t come across as threatening or creepy as the robots in this story. And it was nice to have creepy robots in Doctor Who again, even if they weren’t the main threat of the episode.

Or perhaps it’s for other reasons that make Kerblam! so distinctly Doctor Who. What do our writers think? Let’s find out.

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