Doctor Who: Series Eleven – five things we can expect

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With a new series just a matter of months away, what can we expect from Jodie Whittaker’s first series as the Thirteenth Doctor?
Image credit: Doctor Who/BBC.
Image obtained from: BBC Press.

With everything we know about Jodie Whittaker’s first series as the Thirteenth Doctor, we take a look at five things we can expect from Series Eleven.

After months of silence, (not counting a few naughty leaks,) the iron grip of new Doctor Who show runner Chris Chibnall was relaxed, albeit slightly at San Diego Comic Con. The first footage of Series Eleven was shown, new promotional art was presented, and the new sonic screwdriver was officially unveiled to a frenzied Comic Con crowd.

The Doctor Who cast even met the cast of popular US sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This last point is simply bizarre, but in the most fabulous of ways.

What information can be gleaned from the panel that recently took place? News has been slow, vague even. The tactic, so far, seems to be working. Any new information, however scant, is awaited with hype and baited breath.

It is very clear that Chris Chibnall aims to surprise audiences as much as possible. Indeed, at the Comic Con panel Chibnall preached the virtues of a “communal” Doctor Who experience every week, with everyone discovering twists and turns simultaneously.

So what do we know now about the upcoming Series Eleven? Here are five things to watch out for.

Will a new Doctor, new team and new showrunner bring a freshness to the series?
(Image credit: Doctor Who/BBC.
Image obtained from: official Doctor Who page.)


A new actor – or in this case, actress – playing the part of the Doctor is naturally considered to be a jumping on point for new viewers or,  perhaps, those that may have fallen out of favour with the show.  This isn’t surprising. The very concept of regeneration is an embedded part of Doctor Who’s identity that has allowed the property to prosper for over fifty years.

However, Series Eleven sees a mass changing of the guard both on screen and off it. Not only does Series Eleven usher in Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor. There will also be an entirely new TARDIS team to accompany her.

Behind the scenes, Chris Chibnall takes over the reins of show runner from Steven Moffat’s eight year stint in the role. Chibnall will be joined by new Executive Producer Matt Stevens also. Both of whom have altered the style of writing management by adopting a US Writers Room model.

Expect a fresh vision and tonal shift for Doctor Who. This leads back to the original idea of a fresh jumping on point for audiences. It is clear that the new writing and production team have constructed Series Eleven to be a pseudo re-launch akin to 2010’s The Eleventh Hour or 2005’s Rose.

Potentially this upcoming series is the biggest re-launch to the show since it came back over a decade ago. The cast and crew have emphasized repeatedly that this is the perfect opportunity to get started with Doctor Who if you have never seen it before. As such we can expect continuity and references to be fleeting.

Chibnall has also reached out to Doctor Who fans to spread the word. Much like a recruitment drive, Chibnall has tasked the Who community with a mission to get the message out: this is new Doctor Who. Make sure you get your friends and family to watch.

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