Doctor Who Twitch Watch finale: Recommendations of the day 07/23

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The Seventh Doctor takes Ace on a surprise trip to somewhere from her past…
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So here we are. After almost two months and hundreds of episodes, the Twitch marathon of the Classic Series comes to an end. What can we recommend from these final three serials?

Well, it’s been quite a journey. Less than two months since this marathon started, we finally come to an end of Twitch’s Doctor Who marathon today. We hope many of you have enjoyed the marathon, particularly those of you who’ve never watched the Classic Series before.

We also hope that you’ve been enjoying the daily recommendations, or at the very least, found them useful in deciding which stories you should watch. I’ve certainly enjoyed writing them, that’s for sure.

For the final three serials of the Classic Series, we have a different kind of ghost story, a clash of Norse mythology and code breaking in World War Two, and the return of an old enemy, but one in a very unusual state. But which do we recommend watching the most?

Ghost Light

The last Doctor Who serial produced in the Classic Series, Ghost Light is a wonderfully atmospheric story by Marc Platt. The setting of the house in Victorian England is gorgeous, and everything else – from the costumes to the performances to the lighting – helps to add to that strong sense of atmosphere.

There’s a really intricate story in there too, and it can take multiple viewings to understand everything. There are a number of little details that relate to Ghost Light’s key themes, including evolution and a fear of change. So on first viewing, its plot can seem almost impenetrable, at times.

Fortunately, there’s certainly a great deal to enjoy on the first viewing. Aside from the rich atmosphere, the characters are great to watch.

But what really stands out the most are the depictions of the Seventh Doctor and Ace. We have the Doctor at his darkest yet, deliberately choosing to take his companion somewhere she never wanted to go back to. His speech on the things he fears is a wonderful moment to watch.

We also find out more about Ace’s past in this serial. Something that continues in the very next story…

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