Doctor Who Twitch Watch: Recommendations of the day 07/20

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(Photo credit: Doctor Who/BBC.
Image obtained from: BBC.)

We meet scary clowns, monsters made of sweets and characters from Arthurian mythology, as the Seventh Doctor’s era continues in Doctor Who on Twitch!

Remembrance of the Daleks isn’t just one of the best Dalek stories ever made. It is, quite possibly, one of the best Doctor Who stories period. It combines so many rich and interesting themes. War, racism, death.

At the same time, it also manages to tell an incredible blockbuster of a story. We’ve got two armies of Daleks, spaceships, and a ton of explosions! I imagine the production team may have panicked when they read the script!

And yet, somehow, they made it work, helping to ensure that Remembrance of the Daleks lived up to its incredible ambition.

But we’re not getting Remembrance of the Daleks on Twitch (or Britbox, in case you were wondering). Not that I’m sore about that point, or anything. So let’s take a look at the stories we are getting!

The Happiness Patrol

On the surface, The Happiness Patrol looks worryingly similar to what we got from season twenty-four. Specifically, another over-the-top pantomime story that’s more aimed at children than for adults.

But it doesn’t take long to see that The Happiness Patrol is actually very different. Whereas Paradise Towers was a story that aimed to have commentary, but somehow, didn’t quite make it work, The Happiness Patrol does succeed at being at highly satirical.

Perhaps the better written characters help. Or even the stronger performances. In any case, while The Happiness Patrol may look light and fluffy on the surface, there is a very dark commentary made with its story. And it’s very clear for many fans to see.

(Photo credit: Doctor Who/BBC.
Image obtained from: BBC.)

Silver Nemesis

Silver Nemesis in some ways shares some elements from Remembrance of the Daleks, which was actually released in the very same season. So it’s quite surprising to see that overall story done again, but this time, with Cybermen.

There are a lot of story elements with this one. Along with the Cybermen, we’ve also got time-travellers from the past and even Nazis! There’s certainly a genuine adventure feel in this story.

Of course, one problem it has is that it tries to do too much, at times. The story gets a little convoluted, especially with everyone chasing down the Nemesis statue.

While it’s an entertaining enough story, and it’s nice to see the Cybermen again, it still doesn’t come across quite as strong as Remembrance of the Daleks.

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