Doctor Who review: The Lost Dimension book one (Comic)

Collecting the first several issues of a major comic crossover event, book one of Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension sets up a major event for the Doctor. For many of his incarnations, in fact.

Book one of The Lost Dimension collects various issues across Titan Comics’s various Doctor Who series. These include issues from the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor’s own comic series, plus several one-off specials.

There have been crossovers involving multiple Doctors before with Four Doctors and Supremacy of the Cybermen. But The Lost Dimension is the first time where it involved each ongoing comic series, rather than a mini-series separate from the rest.

As a result, individual issues have focus on individual Doctors. Particularly in this first book, which is only half the story. It’s an interesting approach, particularly as it gives the series a greater sense that it really is happening across the Doctor’s whole lifetime. Different Doctors face different problems, but all are connected.

We have several interesting stories in this volume. The huge arc begins with the Twelfth Doctor, Bill and Nardole facing a very large scale problem on modern day Earth. Meanwhile, various Doctors are seen encountering a similar threat, although none of them are sure what it is.

We then get several different stories focusing on individual Doctors. We get a little bit of history between the Ninth Doctor and Madame Vastra. We also get to see a battle between the Tenth Doctor and the Cybermen.

But the issue that feels central to the whole arc is the Eleventh Doctor’s, when he arrives somewhere special. It’s an interesting glimpse at some key mythology for Doctor Who in general. And we also get a big clue as to what’s going on.


However, if there’s one thing that’s at least as important as several Doctors meeting, it’s the return of Jenny. This volume shows the Doctor meeting her for the first time since The Doctor’s Daughter. How well does it go?

Rather well, on the whole. Jenny meeting Twelve is quite exciting, and while he’s a different man than when he first met her, he’s still very happy to see her.

Just as interesting is the fact that Jenny gets her own issue. This is especially great for fans wondering what had happened to her after her episode. It’s very satisfying to know where exactly Jenny went after flying off in her rocket. (Spoiler alert: she didn’t crash into a moon.)

Will this connect to the upcoming audio series? At this point, we don’t know. It’ll be nice if there’s a little continuity between the two, though. For now, it’s just great to find out more about the character.

As previously mentioned, book one of The Lost Dimension is only half the story. So we get very little interaction between Doctors at this point. But it’s a good start to the arc, and it’s great to see a true Doctor Who crossover event. (Even if he is essentially crossing over with himself. But that’s time travel for you.) Expect a review on book two shortly.

Did you read The Lost Dimension crossover event? Did it live up to your expectations? What was your favourite issue of the comic? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.