Gallifrey: 5 reasons why you should listen to the Doctor Who spinoff

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Big Finish

With ‘Gallifrey: Time War’ due for release very, very soon, here are five key reasons to listen to the audio spinoff series from Big Finish.

Gallifrey is a very unique spinoff series. Primarily set on the Doctor’s home planet, an entire series focusing on the Time Lords seems like quite a risky move. After all, one of the reasons why the Doctor left his homeworld was that he “was bored”. And Time Lords are so different to humans in both attitude as well as biology. How can a series focused on such a radically different society work?

Surprisingly well, as it turns out. Gallifrey is a spinoff series unlike any other. Not just on audio, but even the TV spinoffs, too. An ambitious series, filled with many complex characters, dirty politics, and serialized storytelling, Gallifrey was a mature and different take on the Doctor Who universe. Ever since it was first released in 2004, it’s always been a popular series for Big Finish. Let me give you more detail on why that is.

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