34 Game of Thrones actors who have been on Doctor Who

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If you watch Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, there’s a chance that you’ve noticed some familiar faces. Actually, upwards of 35 familiar faces, and those are just the more reoccurring characters. If we went to background characters, the list would probably never end!

The big joke is “Britain only has 10 actors”. And the more you watch British TV, the more you will a crossover of actors, especially in bigger productions. And what’s bigger than the world’s longest sci-fi and the most popular television show in the world right now!

We know about the wonderful Maisie Willaims, playing Lady Me, but who else? While you might not see Emilia Clarke or Kit Harrington on this list (yet!) there are many familiar faces you will see on this list, both as a Game of Thrones fan, a Doctor Who fan, or both!

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