Doctor Who News: Titan Comics reveals three part Doctor Who comic book

CBR/Titan Images

Have you been dreaming of all four doctors coming together to fight aliens? Your dream has come true with Titan Comic’s Doctor Who: The Last Dimension!

Recently, Titan Comics announced that the Doctors are teaming up — this time, in comic book form. Nine, Ten, Eleven, and Twelve will cross paths in Doctor Who: The Last Dimension, this coming August. While we’ve all seen Ten, Eleven, and even a bit of Twelve team up in Doctor Who 50th, this will be the first time that Nine has joined them. Even if we can’t hear Christopher Eccleston’s northern accent.

Titan comics is set to release the first in a series of three monthly comic books, with a story that will take over eight chapters. Doctor Who: The Last Dimension is the Alpha book, written by Nick Abadzis who writes the Tenth Doctor, George Mann who writes the Eleventh Doctor and Cavan Scott who writes the Ninth Doctor). Art will be done by Rachael Stott, who also writes theTwelfth Doctor, and Rob Fernandes. This is just in time for Doctor Who Comic Book Day, which takes place September 2, 2017.

The following week, the adventure will continue with chapter two in Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor, which releases the following week.

In a statement, Titan wrote:

“The event will begin a new era for Titan’s Doctor Who comics, and will find the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctor playing their part to battle The Void! The Void has always existed: ‘No place. The silent realm. The lost dimension.’ But the Void is no longer empty. The Void is hungry, and devouring our universe — through time and space. Now, the four Doctors must join forces to save…everything!”

Take a look at CBR’s exclusive for photos of each of the covers!

With all the hype around Doctor Who and the three-part episode continuing the next few weeks, it’s a great time to announce even more ways to get our fix. Are you excited to read this saga?