Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Talks Superheroes and the Doctor

Now that we will have a superhero on Doctor Who, ever wonder what heroes would be his favorites? Peter Capaldi has the answers.

In a way, one would think that the Doctor would have an issue with superheroes. They cause massive amounts of collateral damage to the populous, and people get killed in their wake. That just does not fit in with the Doctor’s mindset.

With a superhero appearing in the Doctor Who Christmas special, one has to wonder if that mindset has changed. In fact, one has to wonder if there would even be a superhero that the Doctor would appreciate. Well, according to Peter Capaldi, there are a couple. And, there is one superhero with whom the Doctor would take issue.

“He’d be a bit uptight about Doctor Strange. I think he’d be a little bit like: “Bitch stole my look.” I think he would like Wonder Woman, because Lynda Carter is so funny. And I think he’d like Adam West’s Batman. He’d find Adam West great company,” Capaldi said.

Well, he’s not wrong about Doctor Strange. One cannot help but see the Twelfth Doctor’s wardrobe choices when looking at the other doctor. And, after all, having someone else referred to as “Doctor” would not likely go over well with our favorite Time Lord.

It is also interesting that he would select Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and Adam West’s Batman as the two with whom he would get along. While this incarnation of the Doctor is considered darker and far more dour than his recent predecessors, it does speak volumes to the past of the show. In its day, Doctor Who had quite a bit of camp to the program. One does not find more campiness than with the Adam West Batman series than in the modern conception of the character. Maybe the former would help the Doctor to remember years gone by.

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The Twelfth Doctor and Adam West’s Batman — now that’s a combination that needs to see the light of day. Would you like to see a crossover with established superheroes and Doctor Who? Let us know in the comments.
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