Doctor Who: ‘Hey There, Rose Tyler’ by Ginger Ten

‘Hey There, Rose Tyler’ by Ginger Ten is a fantastic Doctor Who parody song containing an Easter egg regarding David Tennant trivia.

When I saw the title of this song, right away, I knew what it was: A Doctor Who themed parody of ‘Hey There, Delilah’ by Plain White T’s. The song — performance and lyrics by Doctor Who superfan and cosplayer David Ireland aka Ginger Ten — is titled ‘Hey There, Rose Tyler.’ Because, of course it is. I began playing it with a challenge to myself not to cry, although I knew that this was likely to be futile. (Spoiler: It was.)

The song can be listened to and downloaded at Ginger Ten’s Bandcamp page. You can also read the lyrics there, as well as on his Tumblr page.

Here it is embedded for your convenience.

The following is Ginger Ten performing the song acapella at Kumoricon 2013’s Tiptoe Through The TARDIS panel.

There is also a lyric video created by Youtube user The Broken Frozen Heart.

The following is the original song for comparison.

In a stroke of meta genius, the lyrics reference David Tennant’s love of the song ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ by The Proclaimers, which is his favorite band. There are various videos online involving Tennant and this song.

Here is one in which the cast and crew lip sync to it for the wrap party for the David Tennant/Russell T Davies era.

Here is Tennant and his wife, Georgia Moffett, singing along to it in the audience at a Proclaimers concert.

Here is Tennant being an uber fanboy as he performs it with The Proclaimers.

And here is the original, sans Tennant. I could only find the version from Pop-Up Video.

Ginger Ten’s other Doctor Who tracks on Bandcamp include:

  • Do You Want to Fly the TARDIS?‘ — A parody of ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’ from the animated Disney movie Frozen, the song is a duet between the Doctor and the Master
  • Let Gallifrey Go‘ — A parody of ‘Let It Go,’ also from Frozen, the song is about the Doctor putting his home planet in a time lock during the Time War.
  • A recitation of the Tenth Doctor’s “I Believe In Her” speech from the episode ‘The Satan Pit’
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