Doctor Who: Davros Auditions for Britain’s Got Talent

Davros branches out from Doctor Who to Britain’s Got Talent.

When he is not perfecting the Dalek master race, or battling the Doctor, Davros has at least one other passion. This is evidenced by his May 7th appearance on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. With Britain’s Secretary of Culture, John Whittingdale’s campaign against shows such as Doctor Who expanded to encompass the entirety of the BBC, Davros is making a smart decision in his attempt to potentially turn his side project into a career.

Well, it was not actually Davros, or even the actor Terry Molloy, but a costumed 46-year-old (now 47) human named Paul Dolman, who resides in Lancashire, England. Accompanied by someone dressed as a police officer, “Davros” came out on stage lip syncing Vincent Price’s maniacal laugh from Michael Jackson‘s song “Thriller.” It turns out that these two individuals are actually members of a Doctor Who themed bar band called Deep-Space Deviants. In a backstage interview, “Davros” stated that he and one of the show’s hosts, Simon Cowell, would “get on really well together” because Cowell is “evil, has no conscience, no sense of humor, but he is nice to kids and animals.”

The song of choice was “Love Shack” by The B-52s. Cowell was not having it and quickly gave them the big red X. There was a brief interlude of riverdancing before continuing with the main song. At the end of the performance, the other three judges — David Walliams, Amanda Holden, and Alesha Dixon — enthusiastically moved the duo on to the next round. Walliams, who played Gibbis in the Doctor Who episode ‘The God Complex,’ sent out this tweet:

This is not the first time that Doctor Who and Britain’s Got Talent have crossed paths. In 2012, Martyn Crofts auditioned by impersonating a Dalek singing a parody of Roger Miller‘s ‘King of the Road.’ Cowell was the only one to reject him, as well.

Here is Crofts in the semi final:

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What can we expect from Deep-Space Deviants next? Tune in to Britain’s Got Talent on ITV.